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Brighten Your Home Naturally


Lighting up your home naturally, has many benefits among the fact that you are using the most powerful source of light. Natural lighting in the house makes it more functional and helps utilise space that would have been left unused. Installing skylights is the best way of reusing the sunlight energy on the roof. It is also the best placed part of the house to let in unhindered light. You will soon realise the joys of brightening your home naturally.


What installations can you use for natural lighting?

Illume Shaftless Skylight

Installing a traditional skylight needs direct access to the roof. With the Illume Shaftless Skylight, natural lighting can be delivered to any part of the house. This Skylight balances internal and external lighting which gives ambient lighting even when it is going dark or there is cloud cover.
There are minimal roof penetrations required, and no light shafts required. The Illume will light up the home brightly without the dangers of UV rays and without heat transfer.

Solatube skylights

How would you brighten your basement using sunlight? Impossible you may think. However, with the Solatube Skylight, natural light is delivered to all parts of the house using this innovative technology. The Solatube deploys a light magnifying dome and a Flexitube to deliver lights to areas far away from the rooftop. The Solatube features a smart LED light which keeps up to 94% of natural light when the skies are overcast. This natural light system is leak proof and can be installed in under 2 hours by one of our qualified consultants.

REDi-lite Spectra Lighting

The Redi-lite is a smart LED system that utilizes natural light to keep the home bright throughout both day and night. Unlike the conventional skylight that serves no purpose at night, the Redi-lite stores solar energy and uses it to light up at night. The Redi-lite combines the abilities of a skylight and an electric meaning you don’t have to install both in the same room.


Why natural lighting?

  • Energy saving
    Utilising natural lighting conserves the environment’s energy, plus keeping your energy bills low.
  • Better health
    Experiments conducted have shown that people exposed to natural light have better moods than those in artificial lighting. Also, you can also grow a few potted plants indoors to add some colour and improve oxygen flow.
  • Comfort
    Natural lighting delivered without UV and heat is more comfortable than artificial lighting. There are no issues of glare.


Installing natural lighting will improve the quality of life in your home making it look livelier, comfortable and warm.


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